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Our Business

Blossom Consult offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for different industry branches. 

Our skilled team and world-class business partners have significant experience in large projects in Brazil and abroad.

Blossom Consult also offers methods and tools to support the development of the services delivered to clients.

This structure allows Blossom to help you grow your business, properly manage expansion projects, and start new projects. 

Blossom Consult works as a true partner in the development of comprehensive business strategies and implementation of high-quality solutions.​

Our Services

Blossom Consult offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for industrial clients


Industrial Project Management

Business growth

Blossom Consult takes over the management of industrial projects in various stages of development to maximize value addition by providing the following:


  • Complete integrated teams;

  • Owner’s engineering;

  • iEPCM;

  • Experts to perform multidisciplinary engineering and project management and control activities.

Tailor-made Multidisciplinary Engineering

Work with experts​

Tailor-made multidisciplinary engineering solutions.


Development and implementation of dedicated multidisciplinary engineering solutions.


Blossom focuses on building the most cost-effective solution possible, considering the following factors:


  • Safety;

  • Operability;

  • CAPEX and OPEX required;

  • Electromechanical engineering;

  • Civil and structure engineering;

  • Process automation.

Engineering Technical Consulting

Efficiency and effectiveness

Expert technical consulting services delivered through an ever-growing network of partners. 


Reliable schedules and CAPEX estimates.




Decreased man-hours on project sites.

"If we don't know how to do it, we know someone who does"

Industrial Business Consulting

Combining theory and practice

Business consulting services geared toward providing support to the development and assessment of projects and businesses.


Blossom Consult provides state-of-the-art services, particularly to small and medium industrial businesses in the following areas:

  • Business plan development (Project finance, BTS, BOT and the like;

  • Business financial assessment;

  • Governance status assessment

  • Support to find and develop investors and credit lines.


Blossom Consult  operates in various sectors of industries with emphasis on:



  • Process engineering;

  • Tailings pond reclaming and reprocessing;

  • Assessment and optimization of production routes;

  • Tailor-made engineering solutions;

  • Assembly and commissioning oversight.

Metallurgy / Steel Industry

  • Process engineering;

  • Planning and optimization of hot refractory lining demolition;

  • Optimization of refractory campaign life;

  • Tailor-made engineering solutions;

  • Assembly and commissioning oversight.

Oil and Gas

  • Development of water/oil separation plants;

  • Modularization analysis;

  • Global procurement capability.


  • Process engineering;

  • Tailor-made engineering solutions;

  • Assembly and commissioning oversight.


Why choose Blossom Consult: "We help companies stay a step ahead."

Personalized client service


Our services and methods adapt to the scope, culture, budget, and characteristics of each individual client.

One Team

An experienced, integrated, and motivated team

In each project, we know the importance of the terms defined and the relevance of roles and responsibilities assigned to Blossom Consult and client teams. We work in an integrated fashion to reach the defined goals.


Cultural Flexibility

An experienced team with a track record of projects integrating different cultures.

Adaptation to standards and procedures and integration of foreign suppliers to the Brazilian project culture.

Blossom Consult is aware of "speaking the same language" to project success.

Global Reach

Acess to world-class experts and partners

Blossom Consult and its network of partners have access to top global experts in a wide range of areas.


Some examples:

  • Furnaces;

  • Steel industry;

  • Iron alloys;

  • Aluminum and alumina;

  • Thermal treatments;

  • Renewable energies;

  • Nickel;

  • Gold processing.


Reaching client goals

In every project, Blossom Consult aligns its values to the values of its clients.


The teams at Blossom constantly work to innovate and seek continuous improvements with an unwavering commitment to safety, the main pillar supporting our organization.

Everything under the same roof

Ongoing presence

Blossom Consult works from conceptual design and implementation stages to ongoing operational support.

Contact us to learn more about our service portfolio, team, and partners.


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