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Blossom Consult is a company that was born with an innovative DNA based on the digitization of processes and disseminition of information when developing its projects. Thus, BlossomTech emerges as an ecosystem of solutions such as EDA and ELFA, to fill the gaps in the project processes, whether in engineering, construction and/or operation.


ELFA Management

Web modularized solution to manage the information and processes during the lifecycle of the project, among the modules are: document management, time recording, control of physical progress, DWRs (Daily Work Report).


Modern and collaborative interface that operates in the SAS (Software as servisse) model for managing engineering materials, data and quantitative, integrated with BIM (Building Information Modeling) platforms for organizing and packaging information in compliance with the AWP (Advanced Working Packing) methodology.

PDI (Research, Development e Innovation)

Area in charge of optimizing project processes. It works by integrating processes, technologies and people to apply the digital platforms in Blossom Consult's engineering and related disciplines. The PDI Area identify the best software for the development of BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects, establish standards to be followed and automate processes focused on better efficiency, quality and added value for projects.


Currently, Blossom Consult is the protagonist of a cultural change in traditional sectors such as mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, in which contracting based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) is still in its early phases.

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