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Industrial Project Management

We take over the Management of Industrial Projects in different stages of development with the goal of maximizing value addition by providing the following:



  • Complete integrated teams;

  • Owner’s engineering;

  • iEPCM;

  • Experts to perform multidisciplinary engineering and project management and control activities.


By taking project management over, Blossom enables clients to focus on their core businesses and spend significantly fewer resources to deal with the demands of project management.


However, the delegation of Industrial Project Management to a third party can only be beneficial to the Client if such management is performed to a standard of excellence, considering not only the implementation of the usual project management routines but also the addition of value through the work of teams with proven track records using up-to-date management and planning tools, in coordination and alignment with client values.


Blossom Consult is committed to these principles and to adding value to its clients in every project.​

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