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Industrial Business Consulting

Industrial Business Consulting services to support the development and assessment of projects and businesses.


Blossom wraps up its portfolio of services offering business development consulting tailored specifically to the needs of small, medium, and medium-to-large industrial companies, covering the following areas:


  • Business plan development and assessment (Project Finance, BTS, BOT and the like)

  • Business financial assessment

  • Business governance status assessment and coordinated implementation of governance programs/models

  • Support to search and develop investors and credit lines locally and globally.

  • Support in M&A, including the identification of synergies between Brazilian businesses and potential international partners.

  • Commercial optimization of combined solutions using domestic and international components, equipment, materials, and services, including tax engineering.


Blossom’s purpose is to be a complete partner for industrial companies, supporting them in project management, implementation of multidisciplinary engineering efforts, and in the economic/financial development of the business.

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