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Rheology Laboratory

Blossom has a complete Rheology Laboratory to carry out characterization tests of mineral pulps (concentrate and tailings) whose main objective is the in-depth understanding of the properties of the analyzed material. The rheological characterization of ore slurries is essential for the complete characterization of the fluid.


The execution of the tests by the Rheology Laboratory can guarantee the correct selection of materials and equipment. In this way, it avoids clogging of lines, excessive wear of pipes, inadequate sizing of pumps and, therefore, contributes to reducing losses and increasing the efficiency of the systems.


For pumping ores and tailings, laboratory tests ensure the correct operation of the system, increasing the availability of equipment and reducing downtime.


With the objective of supporting engineering projects, the Rheology Laboratory allows the development of precise and optimized engineering solutions, generating gains from implementation and commissioning, and throughout the project's life cycle.


The Blossom Laboratory develops tests for complete pulp characterization following international quality standards, in addition, we can test a wide variety of pulps and tailings. The tests performed at Blossom are:

  • Rheology Assay;

  • Corrosion Test;

  • Miller Test (Abrasiveness Test);

  • Angle of inclination;

  • Angle of repose;

  • Sedimentation test;

  • Evaluation of pulp resuspension;

  • Granulometric distribution;

  • Evaluation of the form factor of solids;

  • pH measurement;

  • Measurement of dissolved oxygen;

  • Density measurement;

The Rheology Laboratory has a complete infrastructure, with modern and accurate equipment for carrying out the tests. Some of the equipment allocated in the Blossom laboratory are:

  • Rheometer: Equipment used to measure rheological and fluid properties;

  • Miller Machine: Equipment used to determine the abrasiveness of samples;

  • Corrosion Meter: Corrosion measuring equipment;

  • DO meter: Dissolved oxygen measuring equipment;


In addition to the Rheology Laboratory, Blossom performs pipe integrity analysis, providing the best solutions on the market to improve the operational safety of pumping systems, including pipe wall thickness measurement, to define asset life.

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